Managing Transliteration of Bibliographic Data

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -
8:30am to 10:00am

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Speaker, Moderator: Margaret Hughes, Metadata Librarian, Stanford University
Speaker: Deborah Anderson, Research Linguist, University of California-Berkeley
Speaker: Steven Loomis, Technical Lead, IBM Global Foundations Technology Team

The intersection of language technology with library data has the potential to open up interesting new ways of introducing users to multilingual content. The program will explain principles that have historically underpinned the production of data in non-Roman scripts and discuss how those data may be handled in the future. Attention is given to resources for transliteration, tools whose use can be evaluated relative to machine translation, OCR, the Linked Data environment, and character encoding.


Steven R. Loomis, with IBM’s Global Foundations Technology Team for nearly 20 years, is IBM’s Technical Lead for the International Components for Unicode for C/C++ (ICU4C) and primary representative to Unicode. He chairs the Unicode Localization Interchange committee (ULI-TC), and was involved in the founding of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) where he continues to maintain its data collection tool. His hobbies include Maltese language advocacy.

Deborah Anderson is a researcher in the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley. Since 2002, she has run the Script Encoding Initiative project (, which works to get various scripts into the international character encoding standard Unicode, including many non-Roman scripts, so they can be accessed on computers and mobile devices. She is also a Unicode Technical Director and a US representative to the ISO/IEC subcommittee on coded character sets.

As a Metadata Librarian at Stanford University, Margaret Hughes is responsible for creating and maintaining discovery metadata for Humanities, Social Sciences & Africana monographs in all Western European languages. She also provides CIP (cataloging-in-publication) data for titles published by Stanford University Press and Hoover Institution Press. She is also Coordinator of the Africana SACO Funnel Project and Chair of the Cataloging Committee of the Africana Librarians Council.

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