WO BO Session III - OITP - Fast, Fair, Competitive, Neutral Networks for Information Equity

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -
10:30am to 11:30am

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As merger deals and network neutrality legal challenges continue to flare, American’s freedom of speech and right to know are threatened by unavailable, unaffordable or otherwise unequal access to the internet. Librarians have an essential role in preserving and advancing information equity in the networked world. Join advocates and regulators from California’s front lines of this battle for a crash course in the internet issues that increasingly determine our nation’s access to information and creation.

Chris Witteman is a Senior Staff Counsel with the California Public Utilities Commission who has written extensively about information freedom and information equity. He will provide an introductory tour of some of the hot issues where digital content meets the “wires,” including net neutrality; recent merger activity; municipal broadband; interconnection between carriers and content providers; privacy and the E-Rate program.

Monica Schultz is Chair of the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy Telecommunications Subcommittee and IT Director for the Peninsula Library System. She has been a leader in piloting gigabit connectivity and advocating for high-capacity broadband for California libraries. She will share an update on her work with gigabit networks and lessons for the future of innovative and broadband-enabled library services.

ALA OITP Deputy Director Larra Clark will moderate.

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