Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group

Sunday, June 28, 2015 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm

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Golden Gate C3

1. Topic: The impact of discovery layers on Technical Services staff
Facilitator: Erika Johnson, University of San Francisco

While some libraries have made the switch to next-generation library systems that only have a discovery layer, others are running both a discovery layer and a traditional catalog. This discussion will investigate whether such duplication is still necessary for some resources, and the impacts on tech services staff.

2. Topic: Redesigning libraries and archives using user experience design
Facilitator: Alexandra Lederman, Teachers College, Columbia University

As digital repositories grow into maturity, how can libraries and archives redesign them to maximize design and patron experience? We'll examine well-designed and recently re-designed digital archives while considering a question set inspired by user experience (UX) design.

3. Topic: Streaming media
Facilitator: Beth Bernhardt - Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications
Streaming Media - Come join the discussion on how technical services departments are handling request for streaming media. How do you fill these requests? What are the options for streaming media? And how are you communicating this information to your users?
4. Topic: Acquisitions of digital materials
Facilitator: Dana Haugh, Teachers College, Columbia University

Materials budgets have shifted to accommodate large journal and database subscriptions, single-title article access, and most recently, ebook holdings. Can libraries use the digital age as a means to change the digital publishing system and distribution?

5. Topic: Assessment and Technical Services
Facilitator: Leanne Finnigan, Temple University Libraries

Though library assessment has long been associated with public services, technical services departments increasingly play an essential role, both as supportive partners and as the subjects of assessment. In this discussion, we will share challenges we face and brainstorm ways to engage in assessment most effectively.

6. Topic: Using service experience design to create user-centered library services
Facilitator: Meredith Powers, Teachers College, Columbia University

How can library staff be encouraged take a user-centered approach towards library services as a whole, rather than as independent entities? The concept of service experience design takes a macro view of user/patron experience, and can help us take a broader approach to policy development. Discuss how looking at the library from a holistic perspective might lead us to better evaluate and assess the whole library ecology, and deliver better user services in all contexts.

7. Topic: Cataloging and Describing Graphic Materials: Negotiating New Terrain
Facilitators: Nicole Smeltekop, Michigan State University Libraries and Tim Kiser, Michigan State University Libraries
As more technical services work becomes automated, many of us have found that cataloging becomes more directed toward the unique materials held by our institutions. This roundtable will focus on practices in cataloging and describing graphic materials of all kinds (maps, posters, photographs, and more) in both physical and digital formats.

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