Conversation Starter: Girls Like Fart Jokes & Boys Have Feelings: Beyond Gendered Reader's Advisory

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -
4:00pm to 4:45pm

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Speaker: Angie Manfredi, Head of Youth Services, Los Alamos County Library System

Are you tired of hearing "that book is for boys!" and "but that's a girl book!" whenever you try to engage colleagues, supervisors, or even patrons on their next great read? What do those terms even mean and how have they come to have such sway in our field?

In this panel discussion, we will look at all the ways gendering books hurts and limits readers. Attendees will leave with an understanding of why this is a destructive approach to thinking about and discussing books as well as with new strategies for promoting and discussing books outside a gendered lenses.

There are no boy books or girl books - there are just books. This session will show you why we must rise above thinking about books in these reductive terms and how it can be done.

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