Mentorship Magic: Spectrum Edition

Friday, June 26, 2015 -
8:30am to 10:00am

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Franciscan A/B
Exclusive to group members
Speaker: Dawn Wing
Speaker: Hannah Gomez

From the perspective of recent LIS graduates and new information professionals, we will explain how seeking professional support is essential to job satisfaction and career growth. Dawn will discuss how peers who are at a similar career stage can serve as mentors. She will share her experience reaching out to Hannah for peer-mentorship during the job interview process. In addition, she will highlight how Hannah and other Spectrum mentors have coached her through the job search process with concrete advice on topics such as interview strategies, assessing workplace culture, and making crucial career decisions. Hannah will discuss the advice she provided Dawn as a peer-mentor. She will also elaborate on finding allies and supporters in YALSA as something that has contributed greatly to job satisfaction, engagement, and new opportunities. The presenters will begin the panel with a friendly dialogue with current Spectrum participants to survey their specific job search and other professional anxieties. Doing so would help us address their concerns while explaining the importance of seeking mentors/supporters and learning how to connect with them. The following questions about the mentoring process will be covered:
-How does one connect with supporters/mentors in the field?
-How should mentees approach mentors with concerns or questions?
-Why is mentorship essential for furthering the careers of ALL library professionals from underrepresented backgrounds in the field?
Note this Spectrum Institute event is open only to current Spectrum Scholars, and invited alumni and guests.

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