Building Blocks: Constructing Your Career Path through Networking, Branding, and Flexibility

Friday, June 26, 2015 -
10:30am to 12:00pm

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Franciscan A/B
Exclusive to group members
Speaker: Andrea Galbo
Speaker: April Hathcock
Speaker: Barbara Alvarez
Speaker: Jason Broughton
Speaker: Madeline Sheldon

Five librarians from different backgrounds, career paths, and geographic areas will share their unique experiences in building successful library careers. From public to academic to state libraries and first-career to second-career librarians, this panel will share perspectives on building strong networks and developing a professional brand, while remaining flexible and open to new opportunities for growth. Scholars will gain key takeaways they can implement immediately in their career development. Each panel member will take scholars down their unique career paths to show how networking, brand-building, and flexibility work together to transform a career path. For example, Andrea thought she was going to be a digital archivist but she is now working on collection management. Madeline expanded her role as a Library Fellow to include being a diversity advocate on her campus and in the profession as a whole. Barbara began working with businesses, job seekers, and professionals in the community after a stint in Youth Services. April started her career as a corporate attorney and left to become an academic librarian. Jason currently works as Outreach Coordinator but has previously held positions as a workforce trainer, employment specialist, and educator. The paths will converge in the middle of the session to provide scholars with key takeaways they can implement immediately in their career development. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to ask questions and get answers about all the aspects of librarianship that they won’t learn in school. Note this Spectrum Institute event is open only to current Spectrum Scholars, and invited alumni and guests.

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