CLA Preconference: Relationship-building and Community Engagement

Thursday, June 25, 2015 -
8:30am to 4:00pm

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Speaker: Cheryl Gould
Speaker: Gary Wasdin
Speaker: Jan Sanders
Speaker: Luis Herrera, City Librarian, San Francisco Public Library
Speaker: Sam McBane Mulford
Speaker: Susan Hildreth

Survival of the public library is about relevance, and the key to relevance is engagement. That’s our future. Engagement, with customers, community, stakeholders, partners, and staff, is about people being in relationships. Public libraries need to approach relationships with the confidence that we have something of value to offer, and clarity about what we hope to gain from others that will move our strategic initiatives forward. In this session we’ll explore the various meanings of community engagement, talk about staff engagement, and discuss what it takes to build relationships in both our outward and inward worlds. We’ll hear about strategies for building productive relationships with staff, communities, partners, and stakeholders. We’ll talk about how to rightsize our relationships - recognizing there should be a correlation between the level of effort we put into nurturing relationships and the value we both offer and receive. We’ll discuss how to seek out strategic relationships that align to organizational priorities, and practice having conversations to build relationships in which you might have something to teach, want to learn, or hope to collaborate. Please show up ready to be engaged, interactive, and appreciative of all that is offered, you contribute, and acquire in this daylong session. Our guest speakers are Susan Hildreth, Gary Wasdin, Luis Herrera, and Jan Sanders. Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford will facilitate the workshop.

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