CLA Preconference: *Uncommit: How Do We Stop So We Can Start Doing What Really Matters*

Friday, June 26, 2015 -
8:30am to 12:00pm

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Yerba Buena Salon 01-03
Speaker: Cheryl Gould
Speaker: David W. Singleton
Speaker: Jan Sanders
Speaker: Jane Light
Speaker: Kent Oliver
Speaker: Sam McBane Mulford

Libraries try to be everything to everyone. The challenge is taking on new initiatives that require new skill sets when we can’t bear to let anything go. In Jim Collins’ Good to Great
framework, he says great organizations are clear about the difference between their core values (which never change) and operating strategies and cultural practices (which endlessly adapt to a changing world). Within a changing landscape of what people need from libraries, we have to figure out what we do well and do that, and stop doing what others are already doing well. We have finite capacities and must choose how to create the best outcomes and impacts for our communities. Our core values haven’t changed, and we need to find new ways to use our natural assets to deliver services, value, and make a difference. It’s about delivering the value you’re meant to deliver and not just the conventional services you’ve always delivered. Please know that this session will be energizing and affirming. You’ll leave with confidence around how to get to the why of deciding to stop doing things in your library. You will be able to talk about your decisions in terms of abundance and not scarcity, in terms of creating greater impact and not taking something of value away from your community. Our guest speakers are Jan Sanders, Kent Oliver, Jane Light, and David Singleton. Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford will facilitate the workshop.

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