How Makerspaces and DIY Science Can Promote STEM Learning at Every Age

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -
8:30am to 10:00am

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Moderator: John Rennie, McGrawHill Education

Long before atom-smashers and deep-space probes, there were no separate classes of people labeled scientists or inventors. Fundamental breakthroughs in science and technology were made by ordinary people who felt a passion to explore, build, and create with the tools at hand. Today, the economic importance of STEM is greater than ever, and devices like 3D printers and rich sources of scientific understanding online can empower individuals to new success—if they are properly motivated to engage with STEM subjects and if they have access to those resources. The role that libraries can play in making those connections has therefore never been more crucial.

John Rennie, editorial director of MHE’s AccessScience, will lead this panel of Makerspace innovators and leading librarians. They will discuss the best practices for libraries that want to encourage hands-on exploration and curiosity-driven learning of STEM subjects, with case studies from successful programs across a wide range of ages. They will also look at exciting new information resources that can help libraries and their users develop the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in a Maker-friendly world.

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