Burgeon Group LLC

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Interactive learning destinations exclusively for public libraries to meet ECRR, STEM, STEAM, and even Maker Space initiatives. Our toys and green environments are designed past museum standards for tough play. We provide a range of services, from toys with no small parts, all age tinker/maker components with loose parts, and custom design/build environments branded as Librainium™ Spaces. Sound unique? Good! You won’t find our 700+ creations anywhere but a library! Our Libraries Play Fully™!

AudioVisual Equipment & Materials -- Children's
Automation -- Literacy
Equipment, Furniture, Supplies -- Display Cases/Fixtures/Systems
Equipment, Furniture, Supplies -- Environmental Products
Equipment, Furniture, Supplies -- Puzzles and Games
Programs -- Community Programs
Services -- Architects
Services -- Consultants
Types of Libraries -- Public
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Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 5:22am PDT