Wiki Loves ALA Editathon (at the Wikipedia Office 3 blocks from Moscone)

Join us! 

 Friday, June 26, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PDT)

 At the Wikimedia Foundation Headquarters

149 New Montgomery Street 
5th Floor Collab & Lounge 
San Francisco, CA 94105

Wikipedia, the world's 5th most visited website in the world with 500 million monthly visitors and 8000 people eyeing its pages every second, is a true wonder of human ingenuity and collaboration.  It is also a ubiquitous starting point for students, professionals, and the general public as they seek out information.

An editathon is a fun and easy way to learn about how Wikipedia works and then to try it out yourself surrounded by friendly helpers and colleagues experimenting alongside you. 

Just 3 blocks from Moscone Center, Wikipedia's nonprofit headquarters of the Wikimedia Foundation is the perfect place to learn, experiment, talk, write, and share knowledge.



Why come?

  • Great way to meet people and kick off ALA with an interactive, participatory, educational visit to Wikipedia's headquarters

  • Easy, facilitated introduction and 30-minute instructional tutorial about how to edit and get started no matter your level of experience

  • Help finding topics to write about, creating an account, learning to navigate the website, and guidance for making your 1st (or 1,000th) edit

  • Tons of support and troubleshooting from experienced contributors who can answer your most basic or complicated questions

  • Unique chance to meet and speak with expert Wikipedia editors and open knowledge movement leaders

  • Opportunity to learn about the growing importance of Wikipedia to knowledge professionals in libraries, academia, and publishing

  • Hosted in a historical brick building converted into a high-tech global networking hub with a brand new sprawling 5th floor collab & lounge space full of tables, chairs, couches, benches, desks--and great wifi

  • Fun pre-event transition to the Exhibition Hall Grand Opening party at 5:30 in Moscone, which we'll walk over to as a group

What to edit?

We'll have several lists of articles that need creation or improvement in case you aren't sure what to write about.  If you know what you want to write about, bring (or list) some sources that will help you research.  We'll also help you find sources online.

  1. Come and write about your institution or your organization's history and collections
  2. Come and write about San Francisco's women writers, artists, and scientists
  3. Come and write about the LGBT movement
  4. Pick your favorite subject and we'll help you contribute to it

What you need to know?

  • Guests should arrive between 12:30 fand 1:00pm (but we'll keep the doors open until 1:30). 
  • Please bring a photo id with you so you can get into the building!  (note: only registered attendees can enter).
  • Bring a laptop and power cord--it will be much more fun if you do.
  • We'll have coffee, water, bathrooms, and light snacks (so grab lunch first).

You're invited, and please tell your ALA friends and colleagues!



p.s. The editathon is only one of the ways Wikipedia is involved in ALA

  • Drop by our Exhibit booth for free merchandise (Fri-Mon, Booth 2828 across from OCLC and between OUP and JSTOR)

  • Join our 'Ask a Wikipedian' office hours hosted by OCLC (Sat 3:00-4:00, Marriot Marquis, Juniper 7890 Mission St, Blue room)

  • Attend our talk "Resource Discovery in the Age of Wikipedia" (Sun 1:00-2:00pm, 3010 W Moscone)